Tipul proiectului Coordonator Denumire proiect Acronim
InCyT InCyT - Interdisciplinary Cyber Training InCyT
Interreg Danube University “Politehnica” from Bucharest, Romania Boosting cREative induSTries in urbAn Regeneration for a stronger Danube region RESTART_4Danube
AYEN - Active Youth Entrepreneurship Network
Danube S3 Cluster Transnational Cluster Cooperation active on Agro – food, based on Smart Specialization Approach in Danube region – Programme INTERREG Danube
Interreg Danube Steinbeis Europa Zentrum Germany Enhancing SME competitiveness and collaboration activities in the field of bio-economy in the Danube Region Made in Danube
Eureka SINOMED FILTRATION Ltd Green technology for detection and removal of heavy metal ions from wastewater ASIPARI
Erasmus Netwotks Hamed YAHOUI (Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1) Enhancing Lifelong Learning for the Electrical and Information Engineering Community Erasmus
CIP (Competitiveness and Innovation Program) CCIA Timisoara WESTERN ROMANIAN BUSINESS SUPPORT NETWORK RO 4 Europe
SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (FP7), Transport (including Aeronautics), Collaborative Project, Small o Comune di Genova (Primaria Genova), Italy Developing the Mobility Credits Integrated Platform Enabling Travelers TO Improve Urban Transport Sustainability DEMOCRITOS
FP7 , Transport Local Council of the Municipality (Consiliul Local Municipal), Craiova, Romania MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioN MODERN
SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME (FP6), HORIZONTAL RESEARCH ACTIVITIES INVOLVING SMES, COLLECTIVE RESEARCH Innowacja Polska, Poland Development of a cost efficient innovative reusable integrated power supply system, enabling interference free high speed power line based communication architecture for the affordable smart house Flexoline@home
Intelligent Energy – Europe (IEE) program VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research (Coordinator), Mol, Belgium FLeet Environmental Action & AssessmenT FLEAT
FP6 Deloitte, S.L. - Spain Energy Sector Innovation-Financial Network EIFN
Minerva University of Craiova Virtual Resource Center ViReC
USAID - RITI ACCESS IPA CIFATT - Romania IT system for activities mamagement and stuff training in public local administration SIMAP
EUREKA IPA CIFATT - Romania Supermarket trough IT and e_commerce SUM
FP6 / SSA Wroclaw University - Poland Regional approach towards FP6. Network of contact points in large ACC and Member States REG in NET
FP6 / SSA IPA - Romania Romanian Innovation Days RoDI IST NETwork
FP6 / SSA ARIES - Romania IRC - Increasing the competitiveness of Trans-national Technology Transfer and Innovation in Romania by creating an Innovation Relay Center IRC Romania
FP6 / STREP Dutch Logistic Development The Netherlands Concepts to Reduce Environmental impact and Attain optimal Transport performance by Inland NaviGatio. CREATING