Development of a cost efficient innovative reusable integrated power supply system, enabling interference free high speed power line based communication architecture for the affordable smart house

1. Project Summary
There is a significant global skilled labour shortage in construction product manufacturing and electrical installation sectors. Thus there is a growing need to provide rapid counter-measures which will increase the perceived value of these sectors through innovation and encourage young people to become specialist in these fields.
A major step forward is required nowadays across the EU to provide affordable housing for a large proportion of EU citizens without compromising the benefits of home automation, at the same time as overcoming the skilled labour shortage specifically in the European electricity sector and providing home owners with improved ‘home networking’ capabilities. The idea of using power supply infrastructure as a communication network, although providing a straightforward solution to the problem, has so far failed to demonstrate that the required characteristics can be achieved primarily due to problems related to electromagnetic (EM) compatibility. The purpose of this project will be to develop a system that will provide 3 times throughput and decrease the EM interference by 30-40 dB, while significantly decreasing
the installation time and associated costs.
In order to achieve the proposed project objectives, it will be necessary to develop a better understanding of the factors determining coexistence of power supply using HFAC (High Frequency Alternate Current) and high frequency signals in parallel conductors of planar structure. This will enable the development of a robust and safe integrated power supply
and high speed communication architecture for domestic applications, which will exceed all current and foreseeable state-of-the-art solutions.
The combined power supply and communication system will enable every newly built or renovated house throughout the EU to face the challenge of the information era, thus raising the quality of life. However, the possible applications are wide reaching, and can be found in offices, scientific laboratories and hospitals. In addition, this product will meet the current legislation efforts at the EU level, triggered by the EU Mandate M313 on Electromagnetic Compatibility and
contribute to the ecological welfare of the environment in reducing “electromagnetic smog” and thus pollution levels associated with the distribution of energy and communication signals.