MObility, Development and Energy use ReductioN

The project outlines a bold package of integrated measures in all the cities of the consortium, and covers all the areas required by the CIVITAS PLUS programme. The project shows ambitious goals which will have a substantial impact on the state of the mobility in the cities and a good visibility at the European level, mixing measures with large scale application actions based in existing and commercially available technologies, and measures with more advanced trials and methodologies.
The project has common main targets:
• To increase the quality and the effectiveness of the public transport system (from the environmental and from the service point of view), increasing the number of users;
• To limit the waste of energy and to support the diffusion of the use of clean fuels among the citizens;
• To support the effort of improvement of public transport through a series of measure capable of limiting the circulation of private cars;
• To give value at alternative “sweet” mobility modes improving safety and liveability for their users;
To lower the number of accidents on the roads;
• To increase the technological endowment of the cities as a support to more and more intelligent mobility management policies and as a service to citizens;
• To diffuse as much as possible the culture of an environmental sustainable mobility among
citizens and to increase the social awareness of the vital importance of these themes.
The project has 49 different measures within 5 middle-size cities: Craiova (Romania - Project
Coordinator), Brescia (Italy), Vitoria Gasteiz (Spain) and Coimbra (Portugal) and 26 partners with all the Municipalities and all the local PT companies
Another crucial target is to assess a wide communication and debate among the cities at the level of political decision makers and important stakeholders, and a strong cooperation among scientists and technicians of the European team to circulate experiences and best practice.