The consultancy services offered by our company are addressed to industrial, commercial and service offers companies, professional organisations, non-governmental organisations, educational and vocational institutions, central and local administration institutions.

    Here are some of the advantages that you have when working with our company:
      - experience in design and research starting with the year 1980
      - experience in consultancy services both on national and international plans
      - good collaboration relations with prestigious companies and institutions on national and international plans
      - Regional IRC point – consultancy for financing through partnerships in UE projects;
      - Excellency Centre, Regional Contact Point FP5;
      - IRC-IST – Net network has 8 regional points, 35 regional information disseminators
      - large experience in design, research, realization and technology transfer of complex informational automation systems;
      - IRC 4D Innovation Relay Centre for Romania (with ARIES)

    Design and development
    Our company offers complete personalized services for the design and the development of applications in different industries.
    Dissemination and promotion services

    Consulting in European projects
      - Regional Contact Point for National Programme INNOVATION
      -  Member of the Program Committee FP7/SMEs

    The consultancy services are deployed in the base of a contract in the following domains:
      - European projects’ design and management (the identification of the financing possibilities, the writing of necessary      documentations for obtaining these financings)
      - Logistics (logistics architecture analysis of the company)
      - Quality management
      - partner or coordinator in the project

    Training and Educational Materials
    Our team can offer you specialization and information courses in different domains of activity:
      - e-learning
      - programming languages
      - design
      - project management
      - european projects
      - quality assurance