Analysis of the necessity and a study of the project;
 Compilation of information and documents necessary for both the promoter and partners in the project;
 Objectives and adaptation to the priorities of the program and Objectives and an annual meeting;
 Elements of innovation and elements of originality in the proposal;
 The anticipated results and their valuation: concrete results, impact, modifying to current systems and practices, European standing, a specific circulation plan and profile of possible groups;
 Valuation (understanding and exploiting the results);
 Impact of the project;
 Search and consolidation of transnational partners in compliance with the project;
 The work plan: objectives, dates, duration, work days, functions and tasks for partner and promoter, methods and work techniques and the expected results for each phase of the project;
 Valuation plan;
 Quality control plan;
 Support and assessment plan;
 Detailed financial plan;
 Composed format for the proposal;
 Presentation of deadline and shape of the requested project;
 Follow- through on the application procedure;