One of the most respected scientist from our country and one of the parents of nuclear energy from Romania, Academician Marius Peculea spoke about the way he understood of working to get successful

    “I will tell you the way I think you get successful: first you have to invest in your idea. If you believe in one idea, then you owe to invest something." The second condition to get successful is to take a risk. We, people working in scientific research, know that when you start studying a certain issue you just don't know what the result will be. You might not get any spectacular result. This is why I advise you to consider this formula of the success, that I discovered after a lifelong work!”

    Academician Marius Peculea is 82 years old.

    His greatest scientific achievement is design and experiment of Romanian technology to get heavy water in a pilot installation. This heavy water is being used at the nuclear power plant from Cernavoda. Based on the studies of Mr. Peculea's team the factory of heavy water RAAN Romag Prod from Drobeta Turnu severin has been set up. He is the founder of National R&D Institute of Cryogenics and Izotopic Technologies - ICSI Ramnicu Valcea.

    Academician Peculea is living an active life and goes regularly to the Institute from Ramnicu Valcea.